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A Tale of Two Little Angels (copyright)

Chapter 3. Perfected Human Love

From that first day in class onward, the little boy-angel and the little girl-angel were inseparable. They were always doing something together. The little boy-angel brought her on his hikes with Raphael. The little girl-angel taught him about first aid and how to ask questions nicely.

Sometimes when they were together, the other angels noticed that it became difficult to tell them apart. Not that they looked similar, for they didn’t, but their energies seemed to blend as if only one power was present, Like the color purple, which results in mixing blue and red pigments. Everyone thought it mysterious.

Eventually, it came time for the angel children to graduate and prepare for birth into baby human bodies. While most of the other angel children were ecstatic about the opportunity, the little girl-angel and little boy-angel weren’t sure or happy about it. They loved each other, were terrific friends, did not want to part company, and did not want to be born human babies. They had learned in class that graduates of the same course never meet each other until they return to Heaven as earthly angels. Well, boys and girls, this is the standard rule.

So, the little girl-angel said to the little boy-angel, “Tristan, you and I must run away and hide in the forest with the elves. They are our friends and will not tell where we are. I don’t want to lose you, for I love you most dearly. Do you agree?”

The little boy-angel replied, “You are so smart, Morgana. Let us leave now.”

And so, the two of them ran far away to the land of the elves to hide. As this land was closer to the isle of perpetual ice, the little angels brought warm clothing. Every night, the boy-angel would build a soft bed of leaves for the two of them. He made sure that he kept the little girl-angel warm by giving her the extra blanket and holding her in his arms.

When Michael and Raphael found out they were missing, they knew they had run off to the elves. It took about a week to find the little angels. Neither Michael nor Raphael were angry with the two run-aways. They calmly explained that they had to be born because that was a good rule that God established a long time ago. It seemed to work well. They told the little girl-angel and the little boy-angel that they would help them as best they could.

Therefore, Michael went to speak with the Archangel in charge of the Institute for the Human Birthing of Angel Children. We met her before, and her name is Ariel. Usually, the angels working with Ariel had full responsibility for finding the proper human bodies for each of the angel children. This procedure had always been so.

Therefore, when Michael suggested that it would be a good idea for Ariel to allow him to place these two angel children in human bodies, she balked at the thought.

“Humbug,” she said, “I never heard of a more absurd idea in all the eons I have been doing this job. No way, Michael.”

Now, Michael is not only very handsome but can be very charming when he wants to be. He whispered something into Ariel’s ear; she laughed and agreed to his suggestion. He would take personal charge of this birthing experience.

Dear boys and girls, what do you think Michael whispered to Ariel?

So, the time came for our dear friends, the little girl-angel and little-boy angel, to be born into the earthly realms, and Michael did as he promised, much to the delight of Ariel. Soon you will see why Ariel was so happy.

The little boy-angel was born into the family of a kind King and Queen. They lived in a small province far out in the country. It was a charming place as it had lakes, forests, fields, animals, and plants. The Little Prince liked where he lived.

When he was about three years old, a wealthy merchant family traveled from far across the seas to live in the Kingdom, and the little boy walked over to meet them. As he neared the estate walls, he heard a little girl’s voice emanating from within. The Little Prince thought it adorable and climbed the apple tree growing next to the wall. He climbed up the tree and crawled out onto a branch so he could see the little girl.

She wore a white dress and spoke to a black-gray dodo bird wearing spectacles and a white rabbit in a red vest with a golden braid. The Little Prince couldn’t believe his eyes and crawled out further on the limb. Boom. The branch cracked, and the little boy fell into the yard, hitting his head on a rock and causing a gash over his left eye.

The Little Prince began to cry, and the little girl took out a handkerchief and ran over to him, taking his head into her lap; she did her best to stop the bleeding.

She said, “Don’t cry, little boy. It will be all right. I’ll take care of you.”

And that was that. From that moment onward, these two were always together, the best of friends, even though they had forgotten that they had known each other as angel children, as God said must be.

It may seem strange that the little boy-angel and little girl-angel met each other as human beings. Wasn’t there a rule about never meeting on earth? Hum?

The Little Prince would bring the little girl colorful flowers and pretty stones. They would go on long hikes into the woods, never getting lost, for the little boy had an uncanny sense of direction. They would listen to the birds speaking to each other, and the little girl would tell the little boy what they said. Sometimes they played with unicorns and elves and accompanied them on magical journeys. The little girl showed the little boy how to cook over a campfire and mend hurt animals.

Sometimes their parents would get together and comment on how sweet they were to each other—never arguing and always making space for the other’s needs and moods. What a perfect pair they are.

 The parents often remarked to each other, “Surely, this relationship must have begun in Heaven.”

One day after school, when the two children were six years old, the Little Prince came to the little girl’s house and softly knocked. He wasn’t as loud and abrupt as in the past, for he learned how to be more considerate from the little girl.

The little girl’s mother opened the door. “Little Prince,” she said, “Our daughter is sick and cannot see you today. Come back tomorrow.”

The little boy came back every day for a month. Each day the little girl’s mother said, “Not today, Little Prince, maybe tomorrow.”

The mother looked sad to the little boy, and he was much concerned about the little girl.

The Little Prince asked his parents, “Mummy, why is Morgana sick? I am worried, and it makes me cry at night.”

His parents could not tell him why, but they worried too.

Then one day, after knocking upon the door, the little girl’s mother said, “You can come in today, Little Prince, and visit with the little girl. She seems stronger.”

The little boy ran excitedly into the little girl’s room. She was so thin and as pale as milk.

But he smiled the biggest smile he could make, giving the little girl a big hug and a kiss on her lip, saying, “I’ve missed you so very much. Are you OK?”

The little girl smiled for the first time in many, many days, hugging the little boy back.

She replied, “Now that you are here, I am fine. I love you, Little Prince.”

Every day the little boy visited the little girl after school was over. He read stories to her, wrote funny poems, and brought her fruits and nuts, even though her appetite was feeble. Everything he could do; he did for the little girl. He loved the little girl with all his heart and wished she would get better soon to play with the elves and unicorns. Instead, she grew weaker and weaker, paler and paler, as the days flew by.

Once, when the little boy visited, the little girl told him that an angel with a flaming sword visited her last night.

The angel said to her, “Morgana, I knew you and Tristan when both of you were still angel children. When I brought you to earth to be born, I choose the human bodies you both were to have. It worried me you two would never meet, but you did! Wonders of Wonders. Miracles of Miracles!

“Since I had a premonition that you might get sick one day when still a child, I found another little girl who looks exactly like you and placed part of your soul energy into her, just in case.

“You two are part of a grand experiment, a brand-new experiment. So, when you take your last breath, your portion of the soul energy will pass onto this other little girl, and both will be as one. Tell the little boy that he must never stop looking until he finds you. No matter how many years it might take.”

This day was the last time the Little Prince saw his true love, for her soul energy left her body that night and passed into the other little girl. The Little Prince cried and cried, even after he grew up into a handsome Prince. Whenever the Prince was not busy, memories of the little girl entered his awareness. He missed her so much.

When the little boy grew up, he left his lands to his younger brother and sister, becoming a physician and alchemist. He traveled all over his planet, helping the disadvantaged and oppressed. He wasn’t popular with many of the kings and dictators of the world. Nor with many of the wealthy persons.

The farmers, the shepherds, the holy men, the sailors, the grannies, the children, and all the poor and hard-working people loved the Prince dearly. He became known as a powerful advocate for righteous causes. He was ready to stand up for any oppressed person at a moment’s notice. Because he loved the people, they knew that he genuinely was a Prince given to them by God.

But, when he was alone at night or traveling to a new land, he remembered the little girl and cried softly to himself, for he missed her more than anything else.  He felt consoled in his heart, knowing that she would be happy knowing of his work.

The Little Prince, now a grown-up Prince, continued to search for the other little girl, now an adult.

One day the Prince was visiting a great city in a foreign country.  He was sitting down to eat a meal and saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen walk into the restaurant. He recognized her immediately; it was the little girl all grown up.  Even though the Prince knew her, she did not recognize him.  He arose from his table and graciously introduced himself to the lady, careful not to say too much.

The woman felt as if she had known the man all her life, though she knew they had never met. Her heart told her he was a Prince sent by God. They had much in common with each other, as she was also a physician traveling the world, helping the poor, the meek, and the set upon.

Following this meeting, the man and the woman spent many months getting to know each other. They traveled the world together, caring for the sick, assuring that everyone had healthy food to eat, and clean water to drink. They created schools to educate the poor children so someday they could help themselves, their families, and free their countries of dictators and other nasty persons. The grown-up little boy and the little girl became famous worldwide, but they never became proud or arrogant or greedy. They just enjoyed being kind to others.

They sound a little like Robin Hood and Maid Marian, don’t they?

If the land ruler was jealous, greedy, or hateful, he would send soldiers to capture the Prince and the Princess. But, no matter how crafty the ruler was, the Prince was cleverer. No one would hurt his beloved, nor keep them from helping all the friends they met in their traveling.

They would often go into remote areas ravaged by deadly and contagious diseases to tend to the local people. Places no one else dared visit for fear of dying.

Once, someone asked the grown-up little angel-girl, “Aren’t you afraid of catching one of these diseases and dying?”

She answered, “Actually, we never worry about that, for we always have too much work to do. Sometimes it almost feels as the angels are keeping us safe.”

One night, when the moon was full and shining brightly on the planet, the Prince turned and looked with tearful eyes at his beloved, and she remembered the little boy. She remembered all the time they had spent together and how much they loved each other. How her other half had died and how her portion of soul energy came to her.

Tears welled into her eyes as she hugged the Prince, telling him, “I understand everything now, my love. I know who I am and how we came to be together. It feels as if the south wind blew away a dark cloud, keeping me from seeing my past. Truly, I now understand the power present with the perfection of human love. I love you, all the way to God, and perhaps, even further if possible.”

As she spoke, her eyes glowed with the light of Heaven.

The Prince replied, “Love of my existence, now that you remember everything, I think it is time to marry.”

It was the proper time for them to get married, and they did just that.

Soon they formed a unique school upon their earth called the Institute for Conscious Evolution and Human Development. Sounds like Michael’s Institute, doesn’t it?

            And the Prince and Princess accepted students into the new school. The first were university students who had not yet hushed the voice of the angel within. They quickly came to appreciate the message taught by the angelic Prince and Princess—the necessity of awakening your material personality to its associated Soul Personality to become a conscious helper of God on Earth.

            Later came the first older adults, and some even brought their children. All of them, slowly learning what it means to live a life of Unconditional Love and Compassion—learning to Work and Help all peoples of the world for the sake of the world.

The school grew in its influence. Its students prospered under the loving guidance of the two earthly angels—many healing events manifesting in the world because of the school’s activities. The school was the catalyst, the lens collecting, concentrating, and radiating God’s Pure Love into the challenging world. Every year, there was less war, less hunger, less hate, less defective human machines causing harm and pain. But how this happened, I must leave for another story.

A long time on earth had passed for the little boy and the little girl. They both had reached the unheard-of-age of 129 years. They had a charming home on the beach near a clear, blue lagoon in the South Islands. It was beautiful and very peaceful. A perfect place to retire to, for both needed a rest.

They moved here because all the people of the new earth asked them to become Emperor and Empress.

The Princess answered, “This is not right. You must learn to choose the wise ones to help guide you and move you into your futures.”

The people finally agreed but told them, “You will always be our beloved Prince and Princess.”

And all were happy and content.

As they sat together on beach lounges looking out over the blue ocean, the surface as calm as a mirror’s face, the bright sky orange, sparkling with the light of the setting sun.

Morgana turned her head and looked lovingly at her beloved Tristan, asking, “Tristan, dearest love of my life and soul, are you sad because I could not give you children of our own to love and teach?”

Tristan reached out and took his beloved’s hand into his own, replying, “Morgana, how could I be sad of anything being next to you all these many years? You know that all the world’s peoples are our children, big and small, rich and poor, black and white and yellow. We have watched them grow so big, reaching high into the heavens for God.

“Imagine all the students who learned to love each other, just as we love each other without limitations, selfishness, and compassion. No darling, I am not sad. We just didn’t have time, I guess. I love you, little girl, and always will.”

Morgana smiled and squeezed the Prince’s hand, even tighter, as joyful tears fell from her eyes. Not being able to have babies had bothered her for so many years.

She thought to herself, “I have the best husband and friend in all the world. My heart knows his love for me is pure and unconditional, as is my love for him.”

The Prince responded, “Honey, I think it is time for us to complete this Journey and move onward. Take my hand and hold tight; it is time for us to rest and sleep until God has more work. Our students can continue the work we began with the Institute for Conscious Evolution and Human Development. Sometimes I think we trained them to be even more effective than ourselves. I’m glad we did. Rest, Heart of my Heart, rest well.”

The pair of saints fell into a sound sleep, exhaling their last breaths in unison. Their Soul Personalities withdrew from the tired bodies and passed onto Heaven.

When they awoke, they saw and recognized their old friends. Raphael and Michael. None had changed in appearance. When they looked at each other, they no longer had gray hair and wrinkles but saw themselves as when they met at the restaurant. They were no longer angel children.

Raphael said, “We are so proud of you two. Aren’t we, Michael?”

Michael grinned and nodded in agreement, saying, “No one ever thought such a thing could happen. Two human-angels learning to love each other unconditionally, with no remaining self-centeredness, all in a single life. Both of you grew from young angel children into mature adults in only one incarnation.

“I know you came from a unique formula, but that was not enough. You did it by committing yourselves to live life as God meant us to live. You became fully conscious and present in the world. You took on impossible labor and made enlightenment an actuality for others. Verily, this is God’s Great Miracle.”

Ariel arrived, having just finished placing a new class of angel babies in human bodies.

 She smiled and kissed them both upon the lips saying, “Michael, you were right in convincing me to allow you to intervene in their placement on earth. We learned something fundamental that we can use to produce stronger and more effective angel babies, bringing a little more peace and mercy to the worlds.”

From Nowhere and from Everywhere, a Grand Voice filled the Heavens of all the Universes, “You have done well, my children, very well. I’ve waited a long time for two incarnating Soul Personalities to discover how to love each other without limitations or restrictions, loving unconditionally. Both of you gave unconditional love toward every person in the world below. A passion for unconditional love perfected through personal effort and sacrifice working in the physical world.

“Finally, all is as it should be. You are both ready to come to stay with me at my house. For you are the first to have completed the Journey, to have earned the right to enter my direct Abode. What do you think?”

The two angels, who weren’t so little anymore, looked deep into each other’s eyes, communicating through two Hearts joined as one. They decided with one unified Intention.

Morgana said, “Lord, if you don’t mind, we would rather stay here and watch out for and teach the little angels more about your Grand Plan and how to achieve it.”

Tristan added, “Lord, you know how things fall apart whenever one stops putting effort into them. We want to make sure everything continues to function correctly. Plus, if we move to your home, who will be available to supervise the formation of new schools in other Universes? There is a great need for that, you know. We hope this is OK?”

            Again, from out of Nowhere and Everywhere, the Voice declared, “I hoped you might decide this way, my dear Prince and Princess. For such, you are henceforth here, and within every universe. For you are the first of what shall be Bodhisattvas. A most enlightening concept describing angels who return to earth to guide others in awakening their angels within.

“And yes, you are correct. The school you actualized from the sphere of infinite potentiality will serve as the foundation hearth for a Great Brotherhood. A Brotherhood for radiating Light, Life, and Love to humanity. A Brotherhood for establishing Sacred Schools in every possible future universe.

“I will give you a Great City where all your future Bodhisattvas and Storytellers may live. This City, I name Nouseum. It will manifest itself within every future universe. It will be a beacon of light guiding all sentient beings as they find their path out of the forest of errors.”

And with that, the angels heard a soft laugh of Sublime delight resounding throughout all the Universes. All the angels smiled, rejoicing in their Hearts, feeling closer to each other than they had ever felt before. Raphael even noticed that Ariel and Michael were holding hands.


Dear children, we have come to the end of the story, or maybe it is just the beginning. Learning how to love each other is by far the most challenging task in any Universe. If we all work a little harder, maybe we can be like the little boy and the little girl angels? Perhaps we can study and one day become a Storyteller and Bodhisattva? What do you think?

Goodbye, little friends. Try to love each other and never be afraid to stand up for things you feel in your heart are what God would want you to do. Are you going to do your very, very best? I think you know in your Heart of Hearts; you are sincere and just. See you someday in the Great City, Nouseum.”

Best Wishes and Much Love, your Storyteller and Friend,

Baron Jean-Michel

Cc:  Prince Tristan and Princess Morgana, the Great City, Nouseum.


Chapter 2. Heaven

Once upon an age, even before our earth existed, in another Universe, far, far away in space and time, we find ourselves in Heaven. We are at the Institute for the Creation of New Soul Personalities.

The angels working in this Institute are eternally experimenting with new recipes, formulas, and methodologies to bring new angels into existence using God’s energy and laws. Even in Heaven, the angels use scientific methods and the Higher Laws that God placed within nature.

Now, not anyone can run the Institute for the Creation of New Soul Personalities. You must be a brilliant angel. One with an incredible imagination, thinking outside the typical day-to-day angel-box, and not afraid to be wrong. Someone who has been around with God since the beginning, a very experienced angel. An angel, such as the Archangel Raphael.

In the early days of the Institute, Raphael discovered that the most productive method for creating new Soul Personalities is forming them as a matched pair of one boy and one girl angel. Other ways aren’t as effective. Such a discovery should not be too surprising. Even in the physical world, we observe that most animals come in two kinds, male and female, including those without soul personalities.

 One day, the geneticist-engineers removed a particular set of boy-girl angels from the Soul Personality Energy Machine. Raphael was standing nearby, discussing an idea he had with his good friend, the Archangel Michael.

 Abruptly, both turned around to look at the most recent pair of angel babies. The two Archangels noticed something unusual, something that neither had seen before, never in any other angel pair created for this universe or any other previous one.

Typically, when you look at the new angel baby pair, you see a girl-angel and a boy-angel, two separate angel babies. But something strange was happening here. When you looked directly at each angel baby, you saw two distinct soul personalities. Still, if you looked out of the corner of your eye, quickly, sometimes the two angel babies blended into one, just for a split second, or even less.

“Most unusual,” Michael said to Raphael, “I think you and I had better watch after these two ourselves. Something significant has occurred, and we need to be on guard for further developments.”

And so, dear boys and girls, this is exactly what Michael and Raphael did.

I should mention that even though angel babies come into existence as pairs, the pair members are no more related to each other than non-pair members. They grow up in separate angel families and attend different Human Training Schools. The goal is to prevent the boy-angel and girl-angel from meeting before human birthing.

Little angel babies stay at home with their angel parents until they are two years old. At this age, they begin the first level of angel school.

The little boy-angel was outspoken and forever asking the more significant angels questions. Questions about things they rarely knew or cared to know.

The little angel boy asked, “Why do we become humans? Why are angel babies made in pairs? How do physical universes come to be? What is the Soul Personality made of? How come we can’t see God,” and many, many more?

After a while, the more prominent angels avoided the little boy-angel. They said to each other, “This little boy-angel is just too intelligent for his good, and will never amount too much, asking all these foolish questions. He just needs to get on with the program.”

Maybe you are like the little boy-angel yourself? What do you think? But don’t worry, asking questions and trying to understand the universe and people around you are OK. But never, never, let the sleeping adults force you to feel bad about being curious or asking questions. God and the Archangels approve of such behavior if you are thinking of others. And don’t forget, this applies to little girl-angels too.

The only angels taking the time to encourage our little boy-angel’s searching and inquisitive nature were the Archangels Michael and Raphael. Whenever they were free from watching over their Institutes, and the little boy-angel was not in school, they would do pleasant things together. Yes, dear boys and girls, there is a school in Heaven!

 Raphael would take the little boy-angel for nature hikes into the forests and fields surrounding the angel-cities. As the two hiked, they would stop and observe all the wonders of Nature in Heaven. The little boy-angel learned how the spirit-bees work as an unselfish team to make nourishing honey for the hive. How a spirit-crow grabs a hard nut in her beak and flies high into the sky and drops it onto a hard rock so it would crack, allowing the bird to extract the nutmeat.

 Now and then, Raphael and the little boy-angel sailed on the high seas, watching the antics of spirit-birds and spirit-flying fish. Sometimes they watched through a glass-bottomed jar to see spirit-crabs and spirit-starfish walking along the ocean’s bottom. Both Raphael and the little boy-angel looked forward to these fascinating journeys, even if the other big angels thought it somewhat foolish.

Some days, Raphael would bring the little boy-angel to his Institute and explain how angel babies come in being. Occasionally, the little boy-angel could push the buttons on the Soul Personality Energy Machine. He always listened to Raphael’s instructions, well, at least at the Institute. They were good friends and cared for each other very much.

Now, Michael differs from Raphael. He is the chief military general in Heaven, the right arm of the Creator-Absolute. But there has been no mischief for an eternity of time, so he helps significant creatures in the physical worlds become fully conscious. Michael teaches people to be awake, mindful, understanding, reliable, fearless, and fair always, even when dealing with selfish and arrogant people.

Unfortunately, some people aren’t amicable and do nasty things. They behave this way because they are greedy, hateful, and perplexed. This unfortunate event occurs because such persons allow the animal side of their nature to be in charge rather than the angel. The animal side wants everything for its benefit. The animal side is crafty. It is the thinking and feeling machine God gives to us to distinguish between selfishness and kindness.           

However, Creator-Absolute does not want us to remain like animals. Learning to be kind and responsible for our actions is what God desires for each of us. God wants us to become as God is Itself by using our Divine gift to choose between conflicting alternatives. Hopefully, deciding to act wholesomely and skillfully while in a physical body.

Your parents and teachers should help you learn how to be thoughtful towards the earth and all living things. Some of you may remember the story of Adam and Eve and how they were the first stewards of the Garden of Eden.

We no longer live in the Garden of Eden. Still, we are each responsible for caring for the earthly Garden Creator-Absolute provides us. We must become stewards of our beautiful planet, loving and preserving it from harm to its air, water, soil, plants, and animals. Genuine caring for all life is natural to the angel within; it is not realistic to the biological creature.

Selfish people never learn to listen to the angel within. Sometimes people become so uncaring and nasty that the angel inside loses its resonance bond with the vehicle and returns to Heaven, leaving the person no better off than a smart and dangerous animal.

The failure of a Soul Personality to remain on earth is sad. But God will never allow the vehicle to corrupt the angel within. It is a Divine Law. Some storytellers tell stories of angels rebelling against Creator-Absolute in Heaven, but these are only fables. The only rebellion is the vehicle against the angel within.

A bit of rebellion helps our human ego learn about God’s Plan for the universe and our part to play. Without conflict between the angel and the animal, the animal would never accept its angel’s authority within, nor would the angel within be growing in wisdom and beingness.

So, allow me to tell you what happens in a new Universe.

First, there are atoms, then molecules, then cells, then multicellular organisms, worms, fish, etc. Then monkeys, then primates, then primitive humans, and finally, modern man. The evolving complexity of being and mind guided by God’s immutable laws and God’s Plan as established in the universe before ours.

 Soul Personalities can only communicate and guide their human egos when the physical body is born with a properly functioning brain, intellectually and ethically. The human mind needs to recognize the angel’s presence and intentionally allow it to be its guide.

If the human brain is defective, as happens with sociopaths, there is no angel within, and the person exists only in the savage world of the worst kind of egoism. Such people cause much-undeserved harm to those who live life as good householders.

You see boys and girls and how important it is to pay attention to your angel within, even if your angel is still young.

A little later, the Archangel Gabriel will explain what I just said during a Human Training School class. Each of you needs to pay attention and listen so the angel within may remember, and the ego may learn.

Once Michael was out of his office, the Institute for the Final Development of a Conscious Soul Personality, the little boy-angel snuck in and tried to handle Michael’s Great War sword. Now each of you knows that one should not play with other people’s property without asking permission. Doing so is impolite and inconsiderate, but little boy-angels are much like little human boys, sometimes up to mischief.

The problem is that Michael’s sword is so heavy that he is the only angel in Heaven who can wield it, lift, and use it. Maybe someone could pull it out of its scabbard but raise it; it’s too heavy.

The boy-angel had to place a chair beneath it to reach the sword.

Just as the little boy-angel was extracting the Sword, Michael strolled into the office and saw the little boy-angel and said gruffly, “That is my Sword, you know, didn’t I tell you never to touch it?”

Startled by Michael, the little boy-angel jumped and pulled the sword from its sheath. Michael couldn’t believe his very own eyes; the little boy-angel held the blade as if it weighed no more than a fork or spoon!

Silently and gazing somewhat downwards towards the floor, the boy-angel handed the sword to Michael. Michael took it and replaced it into the scabbard on the wall next to his chain mail armor and shield.

The little boy-angel replied, “I am sorry. I just wanted to be like you.”

Trying his best not to smile, Michael grabbed the little boy-angel by the collar of his coat and placed him on the floor, saying, “Lifting the sword could have injured you, Tristan. Do not touch that sword ever again, OK,” said Michael sternly.

The little boy-angel nodded his head and gave Michael a big hug, saying, “I am sorry.”

And with that, he ran out the door as Michael broke into a loud, hearty laugh, saying, “That child, I can hardly wait until he is born into the earthly realms.”

Now, the little girl-angel was the opposite of the little boy-angel. Although the little girl-angel asked many questions, she did so pleasantly, and she always helped the big angels.

The older angels often noted just how different these two angel children are from each other. A bizarre situation considering they came from the same angel mold. One would think they would have had more behaviors in common?

Raphael and Michael spent as much time with the little girl-angel as they did with the little boy, but they never spent time together with both. God had established this rule a long time ago. No one knew why?

The lady Archangel Ariel was fond of the little-girl angel and taught her many useful things about the physical universe. She explained all about flowers and plants and animals, how people grow food, how doctors and nurses work to keep people healthy, and much more. Ariel hoped that the little girl-angel would be of great use to the world after becoming a human.

One day, summer was over, and it was time to begin the final Human Training School class. Since I brought up the Human Training School subject, I guess we need to listen to one of the introductory lectures given to angel children in the first school course. Don’t be surprised if it feels like you have heard this before, for each of you has an angel within who might remember?

 So, imagine you are back in angel school sitting at your desk with all your friends. Your professor, Gabriel, enters the room. He is tall, handsome, and sure of himself. Everyone is quiet, for all of you realize that Gabriel is the Messenger for God. One of his many jobs is to tell people on earth what the Creator-Absolute desires of them. There are many stories in the Bible and Koran about Gabriel.

As was often the case, the little boy-angel was running somewhat late, for he had stopped to watch some spirit frogs hopping around their stream. Realizing he was late, he ran to school, entering the wrong classroom door. As he came through the door, he saw the little girl-angel for the first time since their creation. The little girl-angel’s presence mesmerized the little boy-angel. She was so sweet and pretty with her long, straight black hair and emerald-green eyes. She wore a bright, white starched school dress.

Not paying attention to where he walked, he tripped, striking his forehead on the teacher’s desk corner. He gashed his forehead just above his left eye and started to cry.

The little girl-angel jumped out of her chair and ran to the little boy-angel and placed her handkerchief over his wound, and said, “Don’t cry. I’ll take care of you.”

As she applied pressure to the cut to stop the bleeding, she placed his head into her lap. At that moment, as their eyes met each other, green merging with blue, they knew they were a pair and would fast be friends.

Gabriel rose from his desk and asked, “Are you OK, Tristan? Morgana surely knows her first aid. Morgana, show our little friend to a seat, please. Since he is here, Tristan might as well remain in our class.”

Our story is becoming even more curious. I wonder why Gabriel allowed Tristan to stay in the same class as Morgana? Does Gabriel know something we do not know? Is this part of Creator-Absolute’s experiment? What do you think, boys and girls?

Morgana helped the boy to his seat, which was next to her desk.

After everyone settled down, Gabriel began, “Boys and girls, I hope you have been practicing being considerate. You must establish this habit while in Heaven. You find that it is difficult to get your human body and brain to do what God would like as its design is to obey physical demands.”

One child raised her hand, asking, “Gabriel, why will it be hard to get our human body and brain to do what God wants us to do?”

Gabriel answered, “Good question, Constance. First, you need to understand that the human creature will be a baby who is learning how to function in an unfamiliar environment. The baby must first learn to sit, walk, and talk. The baby will take many years to grow up and learn how to behave appropriately. During this early life period, you will sleep until the baby reaches a responsible age.

“Still, you are essential, for you are what we call Essence—that something responsible for counteracting the human biological drives to preserve self, physical and mental, and hoarding. The Essence moves from life to life in those who are reborn. The human body and mind are temporary but necessary vehicles for angels to evolve in awareness and beingness to come closer to the Creator-Absolute.

“Our System uses the term Essence to represent the angel within, for such an actuality is necessary, or essential, for accomplishing a useful endpoint for our physical universe. The Buddhist Yogacara school calls it the ‘container-consciousness,’ Christian-Islamic schools call it the ‘soul,’ and Indian schools use terms such as Jiva, Atma, and Bhagavat.

“So, remember, a name is much less important than the understanding of a concept or a reality. Avoid arguing over names as it leads us away from love and caring.

“After the age of thirteen years, in most people, Essence awakens to its residence in the body, allowing it to interact with the mind and emotions of the body. Essence realizes what the human is thinking, feeling, and doing. While the mind-brain does not know it, Essence forms a portion of the human consciousness. Essence manifests as the beginning of the true I.

“As the angel within gains increased experience in life, he or she awakens at younger ages, sometimes as early as eighteen months for a Master or a Mistress.

“Even though the body calls itself ‘I’ whenever it authors an action, it is only the ‘me,’ a psychobiological creature of evolution. The sense of ‘me-ness’ is vital for physical and mental survival, for one needs to understand who begins an action and who receives the consequences. A person needs to possess a feeling of psychological existence, a ‘me,’ so an agent can experience the mental and physical effects stemming from its conditioned choices.

“Every sentient creature, like human beings, must suffer discomfort, intolerance, fear, anxiety, joy, and other conscious emotions. It can learn how to put aside selfish desires and replace them with altruism. If Creator-Absolute created perfect sentient creatures, they could not understand why altruism is preferable to egoism—for all their actions would be automatic. Humans would not possess the ability to choose how they will respond to a situation and not realize our evolution’s endpoint and purpose. Why perfected human love is what God wants for us the most.

“If our universe was a perfect creation, nothing new and better could evolve, for it would end in the same condition as it started. Such a world is static and unchanging. Creator-Absolute desires that sentient creatures arise from biological evolution and become unique spiritual beings. Beings united in Intentions and Will, individual and united in Essence and Action, one of Many and many of One, easy to experience though difficult to describe.”

A boy-angel asked, “Gabriel, I understand what you are teaching, but do we change and grow from interacting with a human body and suffering what it suffers?”

Gabriel, smiling, replied, “Arthur, another good question. Suppose you establish an excellent rapport with your body so that the ego listens to your urgings. In that case, you and the ego will resonate and work together to rid the ego of unnecessary and unwholesome personas and drives. The more the ego resonates with the angel within, the more the angel within grows in conscious awareness and beingness.

“It is difficult to explain. When you are in Heaven, the true ‘I’ is fully functional and operates on the level of knowledge and beingness gained through sequential physical lives. Therefore, angels of different ages live in Heaven—babies, infants, toddlers, and so on up to the age of thirty-five.

“After reincarnating in the material world many times, your Essence will manifest earlier in the creature’s life, and the ego work and resonance will be more accessible. You need to realize that the creature functions from two competing points of view and will—either from the true ‘I’ or the mortal ego. The result is that the human-machine acts as commanded by the true ‘I’ or by the human ego’s controlling desires.

“Your long-term goal is to marry the mortal ‘I’ and the true ‘I’ so that only one ego exists. The Masters denote this state of existence by the term enlightenment. Enlightened angel-egos live within the Kingdom of God in the West or in Nirvana with residue in the East. Same state, different names.”

“Expect little progress in your first incarnation, as you will lack experience in communicating with the human ego. You will improve as you learn from living life in the physical realms.

“The Creator-Absolute desires each of us to awaken by understanding the critical differences between egoism and altruism and act accordingly.

“This eventual goal of reincarnating is the healthy development of your angel-ego by gradually guiding the mortal-ego away from its evolutionary state of egoism and greed (the dark) into its dormant state of enlightenment and altruism (the light). Your angelic characteristics lie dormant within your Essence until activated and expressed by one of the resident personas comprising your physical vehicle’s mind.

“People think they have one personality when all of us exist with many personas. These personas take turns occupying the brain control center — these personas, or ego-states, within the personality family, created after birth into the physical world. Most people are not objectively aware of how many persons exist within.

 “If you pay close attention to your vehicle, you discover that it is born with specific characteristics and aspects associated with its personality family.

“These characteristics are both innate and enduring. Anxious infants are the same way when they are older. Temperament is our vehicle’s psychobiological potential to express specific emotional traits and personality types. Temperament is challenging to change, so you must learn to direct it toward healthy goals rather than selfish ones.

“So, the angel-ego’s job is to locate and support one of the advanced personas within the personality family. This ego-state resonates with your angel-ego. We call this persona Deputy Steward.

“Most humans possess a Deputy Steward naturally, for Deputy Steward resonates with the angel within as established by God at the beginning of animal evolution. Careful observation of advanced animals shows us various altruistic behaviors in wolves, dogs, dolphins, apes, and other advanced animals.

“I hope you can see the wisdom of creation; how Creator-Absolute provided the higher animals with a ‘touch of angelic energies’ to prepare a Deputy Steward foundation in sentient creatures.

“Once Deputy Steward occupies the neurological control center, it can enlist the help of resonating personas to reeducate or remove those personas who are unwilling to serve the higher good.

“Eventually, Deputy Steward refines and unifies the personality family, allowing the angel within to take its throne in the control center and rule the vehicle wisely. The angel we call Steward.

“Therefore, we can say that the enlightened angel within is both human and angel and will remain so from then on, serving as a Master and Avatar to Humanity. Once an angel is a Master, the body it inhabits is the crème de la crème, naturally attuned to the Master’s qualities and work. Such vehicles awaken to the angel within soon after the first year of physical life.

“I think this is sufficient for the morning’s class. Morgana, bring Tristan up to my desk so I can heal his cut.”

And dear Morgana and Tristan went to Gabriel’s desk.

A Tale of Two Little Angels

Chapter 1:  The City of Nouseum

Once upon a time, long ago, thousands of universes back, a storyteller traveled through an unknown country and came upon a Grand City. It was beautiful, built of gold, silver, and jewels. Everywhere, the inlaid cut diamonds sparkled in changing, brilliant hues as the sunlight refracted off their facets. Flowering and fruit trees provided shade and delicious treats. Exquisite fragrances of rose, gardenia, and osmanthus perfumed the City’s air. The storyteller had never seen such a sight nor heard of such an imperial City.

Entering through the main city-gate, he notices no gates to close to keep enemies out. Many people greet the Traveler, shaking his hand and offering fruit, tea, coffee, cake, pastry, and other lovely things. Everyone is singing, laughing, and working happily. Nowhere does he see poverty, sickness, meanness, or greed. All the people wore silk finery and jewels. But no one seems vain or proud.

It surprises him as none of the doors to the houses have locks. Finally, arriving at the city center, he meets a jolly old man with a beard reaching almost to the ground.

The old man says to the Traveler, “Greetings, Friend. I see your heart brought you to our fair City, even to the portals of the House of our beloved Prince and Princess.”

The Traveler doesn’t know what to say.

The old man chuckles, saying, “I see that you do not understand why you are here, do you?”

The Traveler’s tongue still cannot find any words.

The old man continues, “No one visits our City unless they have received an invitation from our beloved Prince and Princess.”

The Traveler stands there, confused. Before he knew what happened, he is in a beautiful garden full of fragrant flowers and refreshing fountains. Standing in front of him is a young man and woman dressed in simple clothes without jewels or other ornamentation.

The old man introduces the Traveler to the Prince and the Princess. They all sit down.

The Prince of the City radiated confident intelligence. His hair is long, curly, and blond. His eyes are deep blue. When the Prince’s eyes met the Traveler’s, the Traveler felt the Prince’s gaze penetrating his heart.

The Traveler sees into the very center of his being, seeing himself as he is for the first time in this life. Two forces, angelic-goodness and demonic-selfishness, are at war with each other; one an angel and the other a hideous, selfish, self-aggrandizing demonic human ego created by natural biological evolution. He sees his mind as an enormous battlefield upon which wages an epic battle between egoism and altruism, evil and good. The Traveler is overwhelmed because of his conflicting feelings and thoughts, the beautiful overcome by the ugly.

Suddenly, the Traveler experiences the deep pains of the world. Copious tears fall from his eyes, for he grieves with every man, woman, and child. His sorrow rapidly increasing until it becomes unbearable. The Traveler realizes the great gulf between who he really could be and how he had behaved in the past.

At this moment of most profound grief, the beautiful Princess, with her long, raven-black hair and green eyes, looks deeply into his eyes. All the sorrow and pain vanishing, replaced with new feelings of peace, security, and joy as he experiences the Kingdom of God Within.

The Traveler realizes that forgiveness is possible, even for those failing to live life skillfully or wholesomely. All one needs to do is face the Guardian of the Threshold with courage and honesty.

So, he prays, “Come onto me, Guardian, Messenger of True Conscience. Show me how to be born a second time to become a helper in the Work of the Creator-Absolute.”

The Guardian appears before the Traveler in a flash of light. Lowering his fearsome sword, the Guardian asks, “Do you wish in your Heart of Hearts to change from selfishness to altruism? Will you make an essence promise to listen to the angel within and assume the mantel of a helper of God? If you sincerely see your past life errors and are strong enough to swear an essence promise, forgiveness is yours. Godspeed, new friend.”

The Traveler’s vision clears, and he saw a soft violet light surrounding the Prince and Princess.

He asks them, “Is it true? Am I truly forgiven? Am I now a helper of God?”

The Prince replies, “Yes, Traveler. Your psychic heart is now living within our One heart.”

The Princess adds, “Friend, before we get to the reasons we invited you to our beautiful City, I think we should tell you a bit about who we are and where you are.

“In the past, others hearing about our City called it by many names. In your world, people call it Shangri-La, Shambala, Avalon, Quivira, and Cibola. All these names and stories about our City are not accurate. The proper name of our Grand City is Nouseum, after our City’s inherent nature. We know the people you have seen and met as Those Whose Understanding is Always.

“You can think of our City as the Holy Conduit between the Love of the Creator-Absolute and the Kingdom of Heaven within.”

The Traveler still had not got his bearings.

The Princess continued, “Traveler, we invited you into our home to share an incredible teaching tale. A story you must learn and tell all the children of your world. And, one day, you must teach it to another storyteller. A tale meant for children-in-age and those becoming children once again in their Hearts as taught by Lord Yeshua. I am sure you all remember what Jesus said to his disciples in Matthew when speaking of the Kingdom of Heaven and God Within:

            ‘Matthew 18: 1–6. At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven? And Jesus called a little child unto him and set him amid them. Verily, I say unto you, except ye see conversion, and become as little children, ye shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Whosoever humbles himself as this little child becomes the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. And whoso receives one such little child in my name, receives me. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones who trust implicitly in me; would be better off with a millstone hung about his neck and drowning in the sea’s depth.’

“We ask this favor of you, as we have asked innumerable travelers dwelling in other places and other times. Only you can decide if you will help us help humanity.”

The Prince says, “Friend, the story we are asking you to retell is how the Princess and I came to Nouseum. It is the story of why we come into every universe created by the Creator-Absolute. For our story is the story meant for every man and woman possessing a noble heart and a rational mind. What say you?”

The Traveler still finds no words. As he sits within this serene garden in silence, he discovers that he hears the story whispered into his inner ears. The story’s events are as musical notes, each melodiously linked to those proceeding and following.

As he listens, he feels that he is within the single Heart of the Prince and Princess. He understands that this story is the first and the last Chapters in the spiritual completion of humankind. This story is the never-ending saga.

            The Prince reaches out and places his right hand upon the shoulder of the Traveler, grinning a broad and compassionate smile, saying, “If your heart had not agreed to our request, our teaching tale would not be living there now. Go, dear Friend, tell the world about God’s Greatest Miracle: A Tale of Two Little Angels.  And someday, in the distant future, you will return to live in our fair City. As this time approaches, watch for other excellent souls and direct them to our City. If they are ready, they will hear our call.”

The Princess stood up and lightly kissed the Traveler on the cheek, saying, “Go, Child, tell the story so others may find the path to our fair land.”

As her lips left his cheek, the Traveler finds himself no longer in the Great City of the Prince and Princess, but on the outskirts of a city he knew. He enters through the gates, goes into the marketplace, and begins telling his wondrous tale. Soon children surround him; their Ears and Hearts open to the angels within.

So, boys and girls, this is how our story begins.



Today, we share a marvelous teaching tale. A tale about the power of perfected human love and hope, a story about what happened after one little boy-angel and one little girl-angel came to be born in Heaven. The name of our teaching tale is God’s Greatest Miracle: A Tale of Two Little Angels.

            Teaching spirituality to children and adults is more sophisticated than simple nursery rhymes, myths, fables, fantasies, and fairy tales. The latter creations are for pleasure or socialization. Even though teaching tales must use one of these narrative forms as a vehicle to inculcate sacred knowledge, these tales carry indispensable messages about our relationships with the Divine. Teaching tales communicate to the listener or reader information, telling us how God wants us to behave to fulfill God’s Plan for humanity.

            In the narrative form, teaching tales implant spiritual knowledge within the novel’s action, which seekers can experience if they so desire. If you think about it, you see that our daily lives are stories and narratives. Our lives are like a kaleidoscope, full of pleasant and unpleasant events, events continually changing in front of us. We have our heroes and heroines, helpers and opposers, our necessary and unnecessary suffering, and so on. When you sleep or use your creative imagination, the happenings of your day-to-day life work together to produce dream stories and adventures.

            Sacred knowledge helps us decipher our universe’s global purpose and tells us how we can learn to support this purpose locally. By paying attention to our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we come to see how earthly evolution prepared our animal side to serve nature as conditioned biological machines.

            Living machines, we remain until we understand that we are more than just mere material creations. Associated with the physical device is a soul-seed or angelic being. Our angels within may sleep, but we can ask them to awaken and guide our actions. When this happens, our minds enter a state of union with the angel within. The angel-vehicle becomes conscious and fully present in our life.

            After that, our relationship with our daily life improves and stabilizes, regardless of what is happening. We become Masters and Mistresses of our lives rather than helpless victims—our mortal ego, the ‘me,’ connects with the angel within whose home is the Kingdom of Heaven Within.

            All you need do is listen to the sweet voice within, and it will guide you to the Hidden Door. Knock, saying, “Open, I am lost, in despair, and have no one to guide me. Please help me. Open the door and hold me in your ever-loving arms.” 

            If you are sincere and knock many times, the Hidden Door will open. The angel within will say, “Come, child, and never be alone again. I am your guide and Comforter. You have nothing more to fear, for I will never abandon you. For you and I are growing together, so to be as one.”  

            Never forget that the angel within is of Heaven, and Heaven is of the Creator-Absolute, an ever-present conduit of love and wisdom for all sentient creatures.

            The purpose of human life with its hardships and challenges is for the angel to evolve consciously using sequential physical vehicles. One physical body does not live long enough to complete conscious evolution. So being transient, our bodies and minds need attention and care, not worship, for they do not exist after mortal death.

            The purpose of learning and using sacred knowledge is to awaken from our natural state of dormancy and reactivity. When we awaken, we are conscious of the actuality of the moment. We perceive the bare facts without embellishment or degradation because of our biased and mainly inaccurate beliefs, opinions, and unwholesome needs and wants. Subsequently, no longer are we slaves to our conditioned, natural desires, but have become children of God.

            Teaching tales allow the reader or listener to approach and begin living with the God of their Heart and Realization, not the imaginary deity of theological speculation.

            Like all real fairy tales, our teaching tale is very ancient. Storytellers told this tale to children living upon planets like our own earth in different solar systems and galaxies in many universes.

            This tale came into my family during the reign of Catherine the Great of Russia. My very distant forefather Prince Aleksandr Mikhailovich heard this tale from a dying Orthodox pope from Mt. Athos following the Battle of Chesme against the Ottoman Empire. Prince Aleksandr spoke many languages and possessed an excellent memory. He made an essence promise to the dying storyteller that he would pass it down in the family. We have kept this teaching tale safe for over 250 years.

            So, I must tell you this story. I know some children and adults with spiritual ears, pure hearts, and honorable intentions will recognize the truths in this beautiful tale. Who will find and teach others that Perfected Human Love is the most potent force for goodness in our entire universe?

            Every universe has Suns and planets like our earth. Each day, without fail, our ever-giving Sun shines down upon the surface of our green-blue planet, providing light and warmth. Light illuminating and giving life to all living creatures equally.

            Without the illumination of the Sun, no life would exist on earth. Therefore, as a solar system’s Sun is an absolute necessity for life, some storytellers call their Sun, Sun-Absolute. An apt name, in my understanding.

Does not our Sun make you think of your mom or dad, brother or sister, grandmother or grandfather, aunt or uncle, or anyone else who loves you very much? Who puts you into bed each night, tucking in your covers and kissing you softly goodnight?

            God, the Creator-Absolute, has been creating Universes, planets, and little boys and little girls forever. There has never been a time when the Creator-Absolute is not present. Creator-Absolute is always consciously observing, intending, knowing, and caring for all the soul personalities living in the vast universes, whether residing within Heaven or on earth.

            How the Creator-Absolute manifests a new universe, how it grows, and fades away, having served its intended purpose, is beyond our tale’s scope.

            Tens of thousands of years ago, humanity learned to speak, and stories appeared. Entertaining stories about great heroes and heroines, great battles between good and evil, gods and goddesses, myths, fairy tales, and so on. Most of these stories, written by people wanting to share what they discovered with others.

Some stories come into the physical universe as dreams, dreams in which mythical creatures, ancestors, and deities speak to the dreamer, telling them an extraordinary story.

In the olden days and in underdeveloped parts of our Earth today, wandering storytellers visit small villages to share their tales. The storyteller usually arrives at midday and shares whatever news he has of the world outside. As the Sun sets, the villagers share a communal meal with the storyteller. After everyone eats, the storyteller is ready to start his or her tale. The adults and the children gathering in front of the storyteller, excited about hearing another fairy tale, myth, teaching tale, or adventure. We know such stories were popular because history tells us that storytellers wandered from village to village, narrating and explaining their stories’ meaning.

Every storyteller must choose a child, one with a splendid memory, and begin teaching them the story. After the storyteller finds such a child, the child travels everywhere with the storyteller. This way, the tale lives in storytelling families for many thousands of years. Now, we can write any story we hear and accurately preserve one version of the oral tale.

After cities, civilizations, writing, and advanced technologies appeared, many people stopped listening to these stories. They would rather play games, attend parties, or watch sporting events. After a while, the storytellers could not find new children to teach. When storytellers die without passing on a story, we lose these incredible stories forever.

Occasionally, a story is so vital to humanity’s future that the Masters will not entrust its introduction into the world to the village storyteller’s whims and vagaries.

Teaching tales are gifts, given to us by Divine Masters, such as the Lords Yeshua, Buddha, Mohammed, Yogananda, and Krishna. Masters incarnating on earth so to save humankind from its Shadow or Darkside. Each Master introduces one or more teaching tales into the world, helping humanity overcome its dire predicament. These times are when the world is dark, full of ignorance, and evil, just as it is today.

The story we tell today is one of these teaching tales. Our tale is so vital that its guardians make sure that the message of the story remains unchanged. These tales remain even when an old Universe passes away and returns to its Foundation, long after that time when human beings no longer exist. I bet I can guess what you are thinking? How can a story travel from one universe to another? I will tell you how, so listen well.