A Tale of Two Little Angels (copyright)

Chapter 3. Perfected Human Love

From that first day in class onward, the little boy-angel and the little girl-angel were inseparable. They were always doing something together. The little boy-angel brought her on his hikes with Raphael. The little girl-angel taught him about first aid and how to ask questions nicely.

Sometimes when they were together, the other angels noticed that it became difficult to tell them apart. Not that they looked similar, for they didn’t, but their energies seemed to blend as if only one power was present, Like the color purple, which results in mixing blue and red pigments. Everyone thought it mysterious.

Eventually, it came time for the angel children to graduate and prepare for birth into baby human bodies. While most of the other angel children were ecstatic about the opportunity, the little girl-angel and little boy-angel weren’t sure or happy about it. They loved each other, were terrific friends, did not want to part company, and did not want to be born human babies. They had learned in class that graduates of the same course never meet each other until they return to Heaven as earthly angels. Well, boys and girls, this is the standard rule.

So, the little girl-angel said to the little boy-angel, “Tristan, you and I must run away and hide in the forest with the elves. They are our friends and will not tell where we are. I don’t want to lose you, for I love you most dearly. Do you agree?”

The little boy-angel replied, “You are so smart, Morgana. Let us leave now.”

And so, the two of them ran far away to the land of the elves to hide. As this land was closer to the isle of perpetual ice, the little angels brought warm clothing. Every night, the boy-angel would build a soft bed of leaves for the two of them. He made sure that he kept the little girl-angel warm by giving her the extra blanket and holding her in his arms.

When Michael and Raphael found out they were missing, they knew they had run off to the elves. It took about a week to find the little angels. Neither Michael nor Raphael were angry with the two run-aways. They calmly explained that they had to be born because that was a good rule that God established a long time ago. It seemed to work well. They told the little girl-angel and the little boy-angel that they would help them as best they could.

Therefore, Michael went to speak with the Archangel in charge of the Institute for the Human Birthing of Angel Children. We met her before, and her name is Ariel. Usually, the angels working with Ariel had full responsibility for finding the proper human bodies for each of the angel children. This procedure had always been so.

Therefore, when Michael suggested that it would be a good idea for Ariel to allow him to place these two angel children in human bodies, she balked at the thought.

“Humbug,” she said, “I never heard of a more absurd idea in all the eons I have been doing this job. No way, Michael.”

Now, Michael is not only very handsome but can be very charming when he wants to be. He whispered something into Ariel’s ear; she laughed and agreed to his suggestion. He would take personal charge of this birthing experience.

Dear boys and girls, what do you think Michael whispered to Ariel?

So, the time came for our dear friends, the little girl-angel and little-boy angel, to be born into the earthly realms, and Michael did as he promised, much to the delight of Ariel. Soon you will see why Ariel was so happy.

The little boy-angel was born into the family of a kind King and Queen. They lived in a small province far out in the country. It was a charming place as it had lakes, forests, fields, animals, and plants. The Little Prince liked where he lived.

When he was about three years old, a wealthy merchant family traveled from far across the seas to live in the Kingdom, and the little boy walked over to meet them. As he neared the estate walls, he heard a little girl’s voice emanating from within. The Little Prince thought it adorable and climbed the apple tree growing next to the wall. He climbed up the tree and crawled out onto a branch so he could see the little girl.

She wore a white dress and spoke to a black-gray dodo bird wearing spectacles and a white rabbit in a red vest with a golden braid. The Little Prince couldn’t believe his eyes and crawled out further on the limb. Boom. The branch cracked, and the little boy fell into the yard, hitting his head on a rock and causing a gash over his left eye.

The Little Prince began to cry, and the little girl took out a handkerchief and ran over to him, taking his head into her lap; she did her best to stop the bleeding.

She said, “Don’t cry, little boy. It will be all right. I’ll take care of you.”

And that was that. From that moment onward, these two were always together, the best of friends, even though they had forgotten that they had known each other as angel children, as God said must be.

It may seem strange that the little boy-angel and little girl-angel met each other as human beings. Wasn’t there a rule about never meeting on earth? Hum?

The Little Prince would bring the little girl colorful flowers and pretty stones. They would go on long hikes into the woods, never getting lost, for the little boy had an uncanny sense of direction. They would listen to the birds speaking to each other, and the little girl would tell the little boy what they said. Sometimes they played with unicorns and elves and accompanied them on magical journeys. The little girl showed the little boy how to cook over a campfire and mend hurt animals.

Sometimes their parents would get together and comment on how sweet they were to each other—never arguing and always making space for the other’s needs and moods. What a perfect pair they are.

 The parents often remarked to each other, “Surely, this relationship must have begun in Heaven.”

One day after school, when the two children were six years old, the Little Prince came to the little girl’s house and softly knocked. He wasn’t as loud and abrupt as in the past, for he learned how to be more considerate from the little girl.

The little girl’s mother opened the door. “Little Prince,” she said, “Our daughter is sick and cannot see you today. Come back tomorrow.”

The little boy came back every day for a month. Each day the little girl’s mother said, “Not today, Little Prince, maybe tomorrow.”

The mother looked sad to the little boy, and he was much concerned about the little girl.

The Little Prince asked his parents, “Mummy, why is Morgana sick? I am worried, and it makes me cry at night.”

His parents could not tell him why, but they worried too.

Then one day, after knocking upon the door, the little girl’s mother said, “You can come in today, Little Prince, and visit with the little girl. She seems stronger.”

The little boy ran excitedly into the little girl’s room. She was so thin and as pale as milk.

But he smiled the biggest smile he could make, giving the little girl a big hug and a kiss on her lip, saying, “I’ve missed you so very much. Are you OK?”

The little girl smiled for the first time in many, many days, hugging the little boy back.

She replied, “Now that you are here, I am fine. I love you, Little Prince.”

Every day the little boy visited the little girl after school was over. He read stories to her, wrote funny poems, and brought her fruits and nuts, even though her appetite was feeble. Everything he could do; he did for the little girl. He loved the little girl with all his heart and wished she would get better soon to play with the elves and unicorns. Instead, she grew weaker and weaker, paler and paler, as the days flew by.

Once, when the little boy visited, the little girl told him that an angel with a flaming sword visited her last night.

The angel said to her, “Morgana, I knew you and Tristan when both of you were still angel children. When I brought you to earth to be born, I choose the human bodies you both were to have. It worried me you two would never meet, but you did! Wonders of Wonders. Miracles of Miracles!

“Since I had a premonition that you might get sick one day when still a child, I found another little girl who looks exactly like you and placed part of your soul energy into her, just in case.

“You two are part of a grand experiment, a brand-new experiment. So, when you take your last breath, your portion of the soul energy will pass onto this other little girl, and both will be as one. Tell the little boy that he must never stop looking until he finds you. No matter how many years it might take.”

This day was the last time the Little Prince saw his true love, for her soul energy left her body that night and passed into the other little girl. The Little Prince cried and cried, even after he grew up into a handsome Prince. Whenever the Prince was not busy, memories of the little girl entered his awareness. He missed her so much.

When the little boy grew up, he left his lands to his younger brother and sister, becoming a physician and alchemist. He traveled all over his planet, helping the disadvantaged and oppressed. He wasn’t popular with many of the kings and dictators of the world. Nor with many of the wealthy persons.

The farmers, the shepherds, the holy men, the sailors, the grannies, the children, and all the poor and hard-working people loved the Prince dearly. He became known as a powerful advocate for righteous causes. He was ready to stand up for any oppressed person at a moment’s notice. Because he loved the people, they knew that he genuinely was a Prince given to them by God.

But, when he was alone at night or traveling to a new land, he remembered the little girl and cried softly to himself, for he missed her more than anything else.  He felt consoled in his heart, knowing that she would be happy knowing of his work.

The Little Prince, now a grown-up Prince, continued to search for the other little girl, now an adult.

One day the Prince was visiting a great city in a foreign country.  He was sitting down to eat a meal and saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen walk into the restaurant. He recognized her immediately; it was the little girl all grown up.  Even though the Prince knew her, she did not recognize him.  He arose from his table and graciously introduced himself to the lady, careful not to say too much.

The woman felt as if she had known the man all her life, though she knew they had never met. Her heart told her he was a Prince sent by God. They had much in common with each other, as she was also a physician traveling the world, helping the poor, the meek, and the set upon.

Following this meeting, the man and the woman spent many months getting to know each other. They traveled the world together, caring for the sick, assuring that everyone had healthy food to eat, and clean water to drink. They created schools to educate the poor children so someday they could help themselves, their families, and free their countries of dictators and other nasty persons. The grown-up little boy and the little girl became famous worldwide, but they never became proud or arrogant or greedy. They just enjoyed being kind to others.

They sound a little like Robin Hood and Maid Marian, don’t they?

If the land ruler was jealous, greedy, or hateful, he would send soldiers to capture the Prince and the Princess. But, no matter how crafty the ruler was, the Prince was cleverer. No one would hurt his beloved, nor keep them from helping all the friends they met in their traveling.

They would often go into remote areas ravaged by deadly and contagious diseases to tend to the local people. Places no one else dared visit for fear of dying.

Once, someone asked the grown-up little angel-girl, “Aren’t you afraid of catching one of these diseases and dying?”

She answered, “Actually, we never worry about that, for we always have too much work to do. Sometimes it almost feels as the angels are keeping us safe.”

One night, when the moon was full and shining brightly on the planet, the Prince turned and looked with tearful eyes at his beloved, and she remembered the little boy. She remembered all the time they had spent together and how much they loved each other. How her other half had died and how her portion of soul energy came to her.

Tears welled into her eyes as she hugged the Prince, telling him, “I understand everything now, my love. I know who I am and how we came to be together. It feels as if the south wind blew away a dark cloud, keeping me from seeing my past. Truly, I now understand the power present with the perfection of human love. I love you, all the way to God, and perhaps, even further if possible.”

As she spoke, her eyes glowed with the light of Heaven.

The Prince replied, “Love of my existence, now that you remember everything, I think it is time to marry.”

It was the proper time for them to get married, and they did just that.

Soon they formed a unique school upon their earth called the Institute for Conscious Evolution and Human Development. Sounds like Michael’s Institute, doesn’t it?

            And the Prince and Princess accepted students into the new school. The first were university students who had not yet hushed the voice of the angel within. They quickly came to appreciate the message taught by the angelic Prince and Princess—the necessity of awakening your material personality to its associated Soul Personality to become a conscious helper of God on Earth.

            Later came the first older adults, and some even brought their children. All of them, slowly learning what it means to live a life of Unconditional Love and Compassion—learning to Work and Help all peoples of the world for the sake of the world.

The school grew in its influence. Its students prospered under the loving guidance of the two earthly angels—many healing events manifesting in the world because of the school’s activities. The school was the catalyst, the lens collecting, concentrating, and radiating God’s Pure Love into the challenging world. Every year, there was less war, less hunger, less hate, less defective human machines causing harm and pain. But how this happened, I must leave for another story.

A long time on earth had passed for the little boy and the little girl. They both had reached the unheard-of-age of 129 years. They had a charming home on the beach near a clear, blue lagoon in the South Islands. It was beautiful and very peaceful. A perfect place to retire to, for both needed a rest.

They moved here because all the people of the new earth asked them to become Emperor and Empress.

The Princess answered, “This is not right. You must learn to choose the wise ones to help guide you and move you into your futures.”

The people finally agreed but told them, “You will always be our beloved Prince and Princess.”

And all were happy and content.

As they sat together on beach lounges looking out over the blue ocean, the surface as calm as a mirror’s face, the bright sky orange, sparkling with the light of the setting sun.

Morgana turned her head and looked lovingly at her beloved Tristan, asking, “Tristan, dearest love of my life and soul, are you sad because I could not give you children of our own to love and teach?”

Tristan reached out and took his beloved’s hand into his own, replying, “Morgana, how could I be sad of anything being next to you all these many years? You know that all the world’s peoples are our children, big and small, rich and poor, black and white and yellow. We have watched them grow so big, reaching high into the heavens for God.

“Imagine all the students who learned to love each other, just as we love each other without limitations, selfishness, and compassion. No darling, I am not sad. We just didn’t have time, I guess. I love you, little girl, and always will.”

Morgana smiled and squeezed the Prince’s hand, even tighter, as joyful tears fell from her eyes. Not being able to have babies had bothered her for so many years.

She thought to herself, “I have the best husband and friend in all the world. My heart knows his love for me is pure and unconditional, as is my love for him.”

The Prince responded, “Honey, I think it is time for us to complete this Journey and move onward. Take my hand and hold tight; it is time for us to rest and sleep until God has more work. Our students can continue the work we began with the Institute for Conscious Evolution and Human Development. Sometimes I think we trained them to be even more effective than ourselves. I’m glad we did. Rest, Heart of my Heart, rest well.”

The pair of saints fell into a sound sleep, exhaling their last breaths in unison. Their Soul Personalities withdrew from the tired bodies and passed onto Heaven.

When they awoke, they saw and recognized their old friends. Raphael and Michael. None had changed in appearance. When they looked at each other, they no longer had gray hair and wrinkles but saw themselves as when they met at the restaurant. They were no longer angel children.

Raphael said, “We are so proud of you two. Aren’t we, Michael?”

Michael grinned and nodded in agreement, saying, “No one ever thought such a thing could happen. Two human-angels learning to love each other unconditionally, with no remaining self-centeredness, all in a single life. Both of you grew from young angel children into mature adults in only one incarnation.

“I know you came from a unique formula, but that was not enough. You did it by committing yourselves to live life as God meant us to live. You became fully conscious and present in the world. You took on impossible labor and made enlightenment an actuality for others. Verily, this is God’s Great Miracle.”

Ariel arrived, having just finished placing a new class of angel babies in human bodies.

 She smiled and kissed them both upon the lips saying, “Michael, you were right in convincing me to allow you to intervene in their placement on earth. We learned something fundamental that we can use to produce stronger and more effective angel babies, bringing a little more peace and mercy to the worlds.”

From Nowhere and from Everywhere, a Grand Voice filled the Heavens of all the Universes, “You have done well, my children, very well. I’ve waited a long time for two incarnating Soul Personalities to discover how to love each other without limitations or restrictions, loving unconditionally. Both of you gave unconditional love toward every person in the world below. A passion for unconditional love perfected through personal effort and sacrifice working in the physical world.

“Finally, all is as it should be. You are both ready to come to stay with me at my house. For you are the first to have completed the Journey, to have earned the right to enter my direct Abode. What do you think?”

The two angels, who weren’t so little anymore, looked deep into each other’s eyes, communicating through two Hearts joined as one. They decided with one unified Intention.

Morgana said, “Lord, if you don’t mind, we would rather stay here and watch out for and teach the little angels more about your Grand Plan and how to achieve it.”

Tristan added, “Lord, you know how things fall apart whenever one stops putting effort into them. We want to make sure everything continues to function correctly. Plus, if we move to your home, who will be available to supervise the formation of new schools in other Universes? There is a great need for that, you know. We hope this is OK?”

            Again, from out of Nowhere and Everywhere, the Voice declared, “I hoped you might decide this way, my dear Prince and Princess. For such, you are henceforth here, and within every universe. For you are the first of what shall be Bodhisattvas. A most enlightening concept describing angels who return to earth to guide others in awakening their angels within.

“And yes, you are correct. The school you actualized from the sphere of infinite potentiality will serve as the foundation hearth for a Great Brotherhood. A Brotherhood for radiating Light, Life, and Love to humanity. A Brotherhood for establishing Sacred Schools in every possible future universe.

“I will give you a Great City where all your future Bodhisattvas and Storytellers may live. This City, I name Nouseum. It will manifest itself within every future universe. It will be a beacon of light guiding all sentient beings as they find their path out of the forest of errors.”

And with that, the angels heard a soft laugh of Sublime delight resounding throughout all the Universes. All the angels smiled, rejoicing in their Hearts, feeling closer to each other than they had ever felt before. Raphael even noticed that Ariel and Michael were holding hands.


Dear children, we have come to the end of the story, or maybe it is just the beginning. Learning how to love each other is by far the most challenging task in any Universe. If we all work a little harder, maybe we can be like the little boy and the little girl angels? Perhaps we can study and one day become a Storyteller and Bodhisattva? What do you think?

Goodbye, little friends. Try to love each other and never be afraid to stand up for things you feel in your heart are what God would want you to do. Are you going to do your very, very best? I think you know in your Heart of Hearts; you are sincere and just. See you someday in the Great City, Nouseum.”

Best Wishes and Much Love, your Storyteller and Friend,

Baron Jean-Michel

Cc:  Prince Tristan and Princess Morgana, the Great City, Nouseum.

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