Chapter 2. Heaven

Once upon an age, even before our earth existed, in another Universe, far, far away in space and time, we find ourselves in Heaven. We are at the Institute for the Creation of New Soul Personalities.

The angels working in this Institute are eternally experimenting with new recipes, formulas, and methodologies to bring new angels into existence using God’s energy and laws. Even in Heaven, the angels use scientific methods and the Higher Laws that God placed within nature.

Now, not anyone can run the Institute for the Creation of New Soul Personalities. You must be a brilliant angel. One with an incredible imagination, thinking outside the typical day-to-day angel-box, and not afraid to be wrong. Someone who has been around with God since the beginning, a very experienced angel. An angel, such as the Archangel Raphael.

In the early days of the Institute, Raphael discovered that the most productive method for creating new Soul Personalities is forming them as a matched pair of one boy and one girl angel. Other ways aren’t as effective. Such a discovery should not be too surprising. Even in the physical world, we observe that most animals come in two kinds, male and female, including those without soul personalities.

 One day, the geneticist-engineers removed a particular set of boy-girl angels from the Soul Personality Energy Machine. Raphael was standing nearby, discussing an idea he had with his good friend, the Archangel Michael.

 Abruptly, both turned around to look at the most recent pair of angel babies. The two Archangels noticed something unusual, something that neither had seen before, never in any other angel pair created for this universe or any other previous one.

Typically, when you look at the new angel baby pair, you see a girl-angel and a boy-angel, two separate angel babies. But something strange was happening here. When you looked directly at each angel baby, you saw two distinct soul personalities. Still, if you looked out of the corner of your eye, quickly, sometimes the two angel babies blended into one, just for a split second, or even less.

“Most unusual,” Michael said to Raphael, “I think you and I had better watch after these two ourselves. Something significant has occurred, and we need to be on guard for further developments.”

And so, dear boys and girls, this is exactly what Michael and Raphael did.

I should mention that even though angel babies come into existence as pairs, the pair members are no more related to each other than non-pair members. They grow up in separate angel families and attend different Human Training Schools. The goal is to prevent the boy-angel and girl-angel from meeting before human birthing.

Little angel babies stay at home with their angel parents until they are two years old. At this age, they begin the first level of angel school.

The little boy-angel was outspoken and forever asking the more significant angels questions. Questions about things they rarely knew or cared to know.

The little angel boy asked, “Why do we become humans? Why are angel babies made in pairs? How do physical universes come to be? What is the Soul Personality made of? How come we can’t see God,” and many, many more?

After a while, the more prominent angels avoided the little boy-angel. They said to each other, “This little boy-angel is just too intelligent for his good, and will never amount too much, asking all these foolish questions. He just needs to get on with the program.”

Maybe you are like the little boy-angel yourself? What do you think? But don’t worry, asking questions and trying to understand the universe and people around you are OK. But never, never, let the sleeping adults force you to feel bad about being curious or asking questions. God and the Archangels approve of such behavior if you are thinking of others. And don’t forget, this applies to little girl-angels too.

The only angels taking the time to encourage our little boy-angel’s searching and inquisitive nature were the Archangels Michael and Raphael. Whenever they were free from watching over their Institutes, and the little boy-angel was not in school, they would do pleasant things together. Yes, dear boys and girls, there is a school in Heaven!

 Raphael would take the little boy-angel for nature hikes into the forests and fields surrounding the angel-cities. As the two hiked, they would stop and observe all the wonders of Nature in Heaven. The little boy-angel learned how the spirit-bees work as an unselfish team to make nourishing honey for the hive. How a spirit-crow grabs a hard nut in her beak and flies high into the sky and drops it onto a hard rock so it would crack, allowing the bird to extract the nutmeat.

 Now and then, Raphael and the little boy-angel sailed on the high seas, watching the antics of spirit-birds and spirit-flying fish. Sometimes they watched through a glass-bottomed jar to see spirit-crabs and spirit-starfish walking along the ocean’s bottom. Both Raphael and the little boy-angel looked forward to these fascinating journeys, even if the other big angels thought it somewhat foolish.

Some days, Raphael would bring the little boy-angel to his Institute and explain how angel babies come in being. Occasionally, the little boy-angel could push the buttons on the Soul Personality Energy Machine. He always listened to Raphael’s instructions, well, at least at the Institute. They were good friends and cared for each other very much.

Now, Michael differs from Raphael. He is the chief military general in Heaven, the right arm of the Creator-Absolute. But there has been no mischief for an eternity of time, so he helps significant creatures in the physical worlds become fully conscious. Michael teaches people to be awake, mindful, understanding, reliable, fearless, and fair always, even when dealing with selfish and arrogant people.

Unfortunately, some people aren’t amicable and do nasty things. They behave this way because they are greedy, hateful, and perplexed. This unfortunate event occurs because such persons allow the animal side of their nature to be in charge rather than the angel. The animal side wants everything for its benefit. The animal side is crafty. It is the thinking and feeling machine God gives to us to distinguish between selfishness and kindness.           

However, Creator-Absolute does not want us to remain like animals. Learning to be kind and responsible for our actions is what God desires for each of us. God wants us to become as God is Itself by using our Divine gift to choose between conflicting alternatives. Hopefully, deciding to act wholesomely and skillfully while in a physical body.

Your parents and teachers should help you learn how to be thoughtful towards the earth and all living things. Some of you may remember the story of Adam and Eve and how they were the first stewards of the Garden of Eden.

We no longer live in the Garden of Eden. Still, we are each responsible for caring for the earthly Garden Creator-Absolute provides us. We must become stewards of our beautiful planet, loving and preserving it from harm to its air, water, soil, plants, and animals. Genuine caring for all life is natural to the angel within; it is not realistic to the biological creature.

Selfish people never learn to listen to the angel within. Sometimes people become so uncaring and nasty that the angel inside loses its resonance bond with the vehicle and returns to Heaven, leaving the person no better off than a smart and dangerous animal.

The failure of a Soul Personality to remain on earth is sad. But God will never allow the vehicle to corrupt the angel within. It is a Divine Law. Some storytellers tell stories of angels rebelling against Creator-Absolute in Heaven, but these are only fables. The only rebellion is the vehicle against the angel within.

A bit of rebellion helps our human ego learn about God’s Plan for the universe and our part to play. Without conflict between the angel and the animal, the animal would never accept its angel’s authority within, nor would the angel within be growing in wisdom and beingness.

So, allow me to tell you what happens in a new Universe.

First, there are atoms, then molecules, then cells, then multicellular organisms, worms, fish, etc. Then monkeys, then primates, then primitive humans, and finally, modern man. The evolving complexity of being and mind guided by God’s immutable laws and God’s Plan as established in the universe before ours.

 Soul Personalities can only communicate and guide their human egos when the physical body is born with a properly functioning brain, intellectually and ethically. The human mind needs to recognize the angel’s presence and intentionally allow it to be its guide.

If the human brain is defective, as happens with sociopaths, there is no angel within, and the person exists only in the savage world of the worst kind of egoism. Such people cause much-undeserved harm to those who live life as good householders.

You see boys and girls and how important it is to pay attention to your angel within, even if your angel is still young.

A little later, the Archangel Gabriel will explain what I just said during a Human Training School class. Each of you needs to pay attention and listen so the angel within may remember, and the ego may learn.

Once Michael was out of his office, the Institute for the Final Development of a Conscious Soul Personality, the little boy-angel snuck in and tried to handle Michael’s Great War sword. Now each of you knows that one should not play with other people’s property without asking permission. Doing so is impolite and inconsiderate, but little boy-angels are much like little human boys, sometimes up to mischief.

The problem is that Michael’s sword is so heavy that he is the only angel in Heaven who can wield it, lift, and use it. Maybe someone could pull it out of its scabbard but raise it; it’s too heavy.

The boy-angel had to place a chair beneath it to reach the sword.

Just as the little boy-angel was extracting the Sword, Michael strolled into the office and saw the little boy-angel and said gruffly, “That is my Sword, you know, didn’t I tell you never to touch it?”

Startled by Michael, the little boy-angel jumped and pulled the sword from its sheath. Michael couldn’t believe his very own eyes; the little boy-angel held the blade as if it weighed no more than a fork or spoon!

Silently and gazing somewhat downwards towards the floor, the boy-angel handed the sword to Michael. Michael took it and replaced it into the scabbard on the wall next to his chain mail armor and shield.

The little boy-angel replied, “I am sorry. I just wanted to be like you.”

Trying his best not to smile, Michael grabbed the little boy-angel by the collar of his coat and placed him on the floor, saying, “Lifting the sword could have injured you, Tristan. Do not touch that sword ever again, OK,” said Michael sternly.

The little boy-angel nodded his head and gave Michael a big hug, saying, “I am sorry.”

And with that, he ran out the door as Michael broke into a loud, hearty laugh, saying, “That child, I can hardly wait until he is born into the earthly realms.”

Now, the little girl-angel was the opposite of the little boy-angel. Although the little girl-angel asked many questions, she did so pleasantly, and she always helped the big angels.

The older angels often noted just how different these two angel children are from each other. A bizarre situation considering they came from the same angel mold. One would think they would have had more behaviors in common?

Raphael and Michael spent as much time with the little girl-angel as they did with the little boy, but they never spent time together with both. God had established this rule a long time ago. No one knew why?

The lady Archangel Ariel was fond of the little-girl angel and taught her many useful things about the physical universe. She explained all about flowers and plants and animals, how people grow food, how doctors and nurses work to keep people healthy, and much more. Ariel hoped that the little girl-angel would be of great use to the world after becoming a human.

One day, summer was over, and it was time to begin the final Human Training School class. Since I brought up the Human Training School subject, I guess we need to listen to one of the introductory lectures given to angel children in the first school course. Don’t be surprised if it feels like you have heard this before, for each of you has an angel within who might remember?

 So, imagine you are back in angel school sitting at your desk with all your friends. Your professor, Gabriel, enters the room. He is tall, handsome, and sure of himself. Everyone is quiet, for all of you realize that Gabriel is the Messenger for God. One of his many jobs is to tell people on earth what the Creator-Absolute desires of them. There are many stories in the Bible and Koran about Gabriel.

As was often the case, the little boy-angel was running somewhat late, for he had stopped to watch some spirit frogs hopping around their stream. Realizing he was late, he ran to school, entering the wrong classroom door. As he came through the door, he saw the little girl-angel for the first time since their creation. The little girl-angel’s presence mesmerized the little boy-angel. She was so sweet and pretty with her long, straight black hair and emerald-green eyes. She wore a bright, white starched school dress.

Not paying attention to where he walked, he tripped, striking his forehead on the teacher’s desk corner. He gashed his forehead just above his left eye and started to cry.

The little girl-angel jumped out of her chair and ran to the little boy-angel and placed her handkerchief over his wound, and said, “Don’t cry. I’ll take care of you.”

As she applied pressure to the cut to stop the bleeding, she placed his head into her lap. At that moment, as their eyes met each other, green merging with blue, they knew they were a pair and would fast be friends.

Gabriel rose from his desk and asked, “Are you OK, Tristan? Morgana surely knows her first aid. Morgana, show our little friend to a seat, please. Since he is here, Tristan might as well remain in our class.”

Our story is becoming even more curious. I wonder why Gabriel allowed Tristan to stay in the same class as Morgana? Does Gabriel know something we do not know? Is this part of Creator-Absolute’s experiment? What do you think, boys and girls?

Morgana helped the boy to his seat, which was next to her desk.

After everyone settled down, Gabriel began, “Boys and girls, I hope you have been practicing being considerate. You must establish this habit while in Heaven. You find that it is difficult to get your human body and brain to do what God would like as its design is to obey physical demands.”

One child raised her hand, asking, “Gabriel, why will it be hard to get our human body and brain to do what God wants us to do?”

Gabriel answered, “Good question, Constance. First, you need to understand that the human creature will be a baby who is learning how to function in an unfamiliar environment. The baby must first learn to sit, walk, and talk. The baby will take many years to grow up and learn how to behave appropriately. During this early life period, you will sleep until the baby reaches a responsible age.

“Still, you are essential, for you are what we call Essence—that something responsible for counteracting the human biological drives to preserve self, physical and mental, and hoarding. The Essence moves from life to life in those who are reborn. The human body and mind are temporary but necessary vehicles for angels to evolve in awareness and beingness to come closer to the Creator-Absolute.

“Our System uses the term Essence to represent the angel within, for such an actuality is necessary, or essential, for accomplishing a useful endpoint for our physical universe. The Buddhist Yogacara school calls it the ‘container-consciousness,’ Christian-Islamic schools call it the ‘soul,’ and Indian schools use terms such as Jiva, Atma, and Bhagavat.

“So, remember, a name is much less important than the understanding of a concept or a reality. Avoid arguing over names as it leads us away from love and caring.

“After the age of thirteen years, in most people, Essence awakens to its residence in the body, allowing it to interact with the mind and emotions of the body. Essence realizes what the human is thinking, feeling, and doing. While the mind-brain does not know it, Essence forms a portion of the human consciousness. Essence manifests as the beginning of the true I.

“As the angel within gains increased experience in life, he or she awakens at younger ages, sometimes as early as eighteen months for a Master or a Mistress.

“Even though the body calls itself ‘I’ whenever it authors an action, it is only the ‘me,’ a psychobiological creature of evolution. The sense of ‘me-ness’ is vital for physical and mental survival, for one needs to understand who begins an action and who receives the consequences. A person needs to possess a feeling of psychological existence, a ‘me,’ so an agent can experience the mental and physical effects stemming from its conditioned choices.

“Every sentient creature, like human beings, must suffer discomfort, intolerance, fear, anxiety, joy, and other conscious emotions. It can learn how to put aside selfish desires and replace them with altruism. If Creator-Absolute created perfect sentient creatures, they could not understand why altruism is preferable to egoism—for all their actions would be automatic. Humans would not possess the ability to choose how they will respond to a situation and not realize our evolution’s endpoint and purpose. Why perfected human love is what God wants for us the most.

“If our universe was a perfect creation, nothing new and better could evolve, for it would end in the same condition as it started. Such a world is static and unchanging. Creator-Absolute desires that sentient creatures arise from biological evolution and become unique spiritual beings. Beings united in Intentions and Will, individual and united in Essence and Action, one of Many and many of One, easy to experience though difficult to describe.”

A boy-angel asked, “Gabriel, I understand what you are teaching, but do we change and grow from interacting with a human body and suffering what it suffers?”

Gabriel, smiling, replied, “Arthur, another good question. Suppose you establish an excellent rapport with your body so that the ego listens to your urgings. In that case, you and the ego will resonate and work together to rid the ego of unnecessary and unwholesome personas and drives. The more the ego resonates with the angel within, the more the angel within grows in conscious awareness and beingness.

“It is difficult to explain. When you are in Heaven, the true ‘I’ is fully functional and operates on the level of knowledge and beingness gained through sequential physical lives. Therefore, angels of different ages live in Heaven—babies, infants, toddlers, and so on up to the age of thirty-five.

“After reincarnating in the material world many times, your Essence will manifest earlier in the creature’s life, and the ego work and resonance will be more accessible. You need to realize that the creature functions from two competing points of view and will—either from the true ‘I’ or the mortal ego. The result is that the human-machine acts as commanded by the true ‘I’ or by the human ego’s controlling desires.

“Your long-term goal is to marry the mortal ‘I’ and the true ‘I’ so that only one ego exists. The Masters denote this state of existence by the term enlightenment. Enlightened angel-egos live within the Kingdom of God in the West or in Nirvana with residue in the East. Same state, different names.”

“Expect little progress in your first incarnation, as you will lack experience in communicating with the human ego. You will improve as you learn from living life in the physical realms.

“The Creator-Absolute desires each of us to awaken by understanding the critical differences between egoism and altruism and act accordingly.

“This eventual goal of reincarnating is the healthy development of your angel-ego by gradually guiding the mortal-ego away from its evolutionary state of egoism and greed (the dark) into its dormant state of enlightenment and altruism (the light). Your angelic characteristics lie dormant within your Essence until activated and expressed by one of the resident personas comprising your physical vehicle’s mind.

“People think they have one personality when all of us exist with many personas. These personas take turns occupying the brain control center — these personas, or ego-states, within the personality family, created after birth into the physical world. Most people are not objectively aware of how many persons exist within.

 “If you pay close attention to your vehicle, you discover that it is born with specific characteristics and aspects associated with its personality family.

“These characteristics are both innate and enduring. Anxious infants are the same way when they are older. Temperament is our vehicle’s psychobiological potential to express specific emotional traits and personality types. Temperament is challenging to change, so you must learn to direct it toward healthy goals rather than selfish ones.

“So, the angel-ego’s job is to locate and support one of the advanced personas within the personality family. This ego-state resonates with your angel-ego. We call this persona Deputy Steward.

“Most humans possess a Deputy Steward naturally, for Deputy Steward resonates with the angel within as established by God at the beginning of animal evolution. Careful observation of advanced animals shows us various altruistic behaviors in wolves, dogs, dolphins, apes, and other advanced animals.

“I hope you can see the wisdom of creation; how Creator-Absolute provided the higher animals with a ‘touch of angelic energies’ to prepare a Deputy Steward foundation in sentient creatures.

“Once Deputy Steward occupies the neurological control center, it can enlist the help of resonating personas to reeducate or remove those personas who are unwilling to serve the higher good.

“Eventually, Deputy Steward refines and unifies the personality family, allowing the angel within to take its throne in the control center and rule the vehicle wisely. The angel we call Steward.

“Therefore, we can say that the enlightened angel within is both human and angel and will remain so from then on, serving as a Master and Avatar to Humanity. Once an angel is a Master, the body it inhabits is the crème de la crème, naturally attuned to the Master’s qualities and work. Such vehicles awaken to the angel within soon after the first year of physical life.

“I think this is sufficient for the morning’s class. Morgana, bring Tristan up to my desk so I can heal his cut.”

And dear Morgana and Tristan went to Gabriel’s desk.

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