Today, we share a marvelous teaching tale. A tale about the power of perfected human love and hope, a story about what happened after one little boy-angel and one little girl-angel came to be born in Heaven. The name of our teaching tale is God’s Greatest Miracle: A Tale of Two Little Angels.

            Teaching spirituality to children and adults is more sophisticated than simple nursery rhymes, myths, fables, fantasies, and fairy tales. The latter creations are for pleasure or socialization. Even though teaching tales must use one of these narrative forms as a vehicle to inculcate sacred knowledge, these tales carry indispensable messages about our relationships with the Divine. Teaching tales communicate to the listener or reader information, telling us how God wants us to behave to fulfill God’s Plan for humanity.

            In the narrative form, teaching tales implant spiritual knowledge within the novel’s action, which seekers can experience if they so desire. If you think about it, you see that our daily lives are stories and narratives. Our lives are like a kaleidoscope, full of pleasant and unpleasant events, events continually changing in front of us. We have our heroes and heroines, helpers and opposers, our necessary and unnecessary suffering, and so on. When you sleep or use your creative imagination, the happenings of your day-to-day life work together to produce dream stories and adventures.

            Sacred knowledge helps us decipher our universe’s global purpose and tells us how we can learn to support this purpose locally. By paying attention to our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we come to see how earthly evolution prepared our animal side to serve nature as conditioned biological machines.

            Living machines, we remain until we understand that we are more than just mere material creations. Associated with the physical device is a soul-seed or angelic being. Our angels within may sleep, but we can ask them to awaken and guide our actions. When this happens, our minds enter a state of union with the angel within. The angel-vehicle becomes conscious and fully present in our life.

            After that, our relationship with our daily life improves and stabilizes, regardless of what is happening. We become Masters and Mistresses of our lives rather than helpless victims—our mortal ego, the ‘me,’ connects with the angel within whose home is the Kingdom of Heaven Within.

            All you need do is listen to the sweet voice within, and it will guide you to the Hidden Door. Knock, saying, “Open, I am lost, in despair, and have no one to guide me. Please help me. Open the door and hold me in your ever-loving arms.” 

            If you are sincere and knock many times, the Hidden Door will open. The angel within will say, “Come, child, and never be alone again. I am your guide and Comforter. You have nothing more to fear, for I will never abandon you. For you and I are growing together, so to be as one.”  

            Never forget that the angel within is of Heaven, and Heaven is of the Creator-Absolute, an ever-present conduit of love and wisdom for all sentient creatures.

            The purpose of human life with its hardships and challenges is for the angel to evolve consciously using sequential physical vehicles. One physical body does not live long enough to complete conscious evolution. So being transient, our bodies and minds need attention and care, not worship, for they do not exist after mortal death.

            The purpose of learning and using sacred knowledge is to awaken from our natural state of dormancy and reactivity. When we awaken, we are conscious of the actuality of the moment. We perceive the bare facts without embellishment or degradation because of our biased and mainly inaccurate beliefs, opinions, and unwholesome needs and wants. Subsequently, no longer are we slaves to our conditioned, natural desires, but have become children of God.

            Teaching tales allow the reader or listener to approach and begin living with the God of their Heart and Realization, not the imaginary deity of theological speculation.

            Like all real fairy tales, our teaching tale is very ancient. Storytellers told this tale to children living upon planets like our own earth in different solar systems and galaxies in many universes.

            This tale came into my family during the reign of Catherine the Great of Russia. My very distant forefather Prince Aleksandr Mikhailovich heard this tale from a dying Orthodox pope from Mt. Athos following the Battle of Chesme against the Ottoman Empire. Prince Aleksandr spoke many languages and possessed an excellent memory. He made an essence promise to the dying storyteller that he would pass it down in the family. We have kept this teaching tale safe for over 250 years.

            So, I must tell you this story. I know some children and adults with spiritual ears, pure hearts, and honorable intentions will recognize the truths in this beautiful tale. Who will find and teach others that Perfected Human Love is the most potent force for goodness in our entire universe?

            Every universe has Suns and planets like our earth. Each day, without fail, our ever-giving Sun shines down upon the surface of our green-blue planet, providing light and warmth. Light illuminating and giving life to all living creatures equally.

            Without the illumination of the Sun, no life would exist on earth. Therefore, as a solar system’s Sun is an absolute necessity for life, some storytellers call their Sun, Sun-Absolute. An apt name, in my understanding.

Does not our Sun make you think of your mom or dad, brother or sister, grandmother or grandfather, aunt or uncle, or anyone else who loves you very much? Who puts you into bed each night, tucking in your covers and kissing you softly goodnight?

            God, the Creator-Absolute, has been creating Universes, planets, and little boys and little girls forever. There has never been a time when the Creator-Absolute is not present. Creator-Absolute is always consciously observing, intending, knowing, and caring for all the soul personalities living in the vast universes, whether residing within Heaven or on earth.

            How the Creator-Absolute manifests a new universe, how it grows, and fades away, having served its intended purpose, is beyond our tale’s scope.

            Tens of thousands of years ago, humanity learned to speak, and stories appeared. Entertaining stories about great heroes and heroines, great battles between good and evil, gods and goddesses, myths, fairy tales, and so on. Most of these stories, written by people wanting to share what they discovered with others.

Some stories come into the physical universe as dreams, dreams in which mythical creatures, ancestors, and deities speak to the dreamer, telling them an extraordinary story.

In the olden days and in underdeveloped parts of our Earth today, wandering storytellers visit small villages to share their tales. The storyteller usually arrives at midday and shares whatever news he has of the world outside. As the Sun sets, the villagers share a communal meal with the storyteller. After everyone eats, the storyteller is ready to start his or her tale. The adults and the children gathering in front of the storyteller, excited about hearing another fairy tale, myth, teaching tale, or adventure. We know such stories were popular because history tells us that storytellers wandered from village to village, narrating and explaining their stories’ meaning.

Every storyteller must choose a child, one with a splendid memory, and begin teaching them the story. After the storyteller finds such a child, the child travels everywhere with the storyteller. This way, the tale lives in storytelling families for many thousands of years. Now, we can write any story we hear and accurately preserve one version of the oral tale.

After cities, civilizations, writing, and advanced technologies appeared, many people stopped listening to these stories. They would rather play games, attend parties, or watch sporting events. After a while, the storytellers could not find new children to teach. When storytellers die without passing on a story, we lose these incredible stories forever.

Occasionally, a story is so vital to humanity’s future that the Masters will not entrust its introduction into the world to the village storyteller’s whims and vagaries.

Teaching tales are gifts, given to us by Divine Masters, such as the Lords Yeshua, Buddha, Mohammed, Yogananda, and Krishna. Masters incarnating on earth so to save humankind from its Shadow or Darkside. Each Master introduces one or more teaching tales into the world, helping humanity overcome its dire predicament. These times are when the world is dark, full of ignorance, and evil, just as it is today.

The story we tell today is one of these teaching tales. Our tale is so vital that its guardians make sure that the message of the story remains unchanged. These tales remain even when an old Universe passes away and returns to its Foundation, long after that time when human beings no longer exist. I bet I can guess what you are thinking? How can a story travel from one universe to another? I will tell you how, so listen well.

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